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Joe Locke’s ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’ Character Details Seemingly Reveal His Role

Days after an Agatha-centric news week, including the news of ‘Heartstopper’ actor Joe Locke joining in a key role, it sounds like we can piece together who he is playing.

According to Illuminerdi, they have learned the description of his character; “described Joe Locke’s character as a gay teen with a darker sense of humor. He lives in the moment, is witty, astute, and can sometimes be a little fanboy. Marvel was looking for an actor with great comedic timing and a focus on dramatic acting chops.”

With that description, it sure does sound like he is indeed playing Wiccan aka Billy Kaplan.

Furthermore, they also have descriptions for other characters that will show up including the possibility of Billy’s parents. Although they couldn’t confirm fully, both roles being eyed needing to be Jewish and in their 40s, it’ s a reasonable conclusion as Billy himself is Jewish.

Another interesting detail is they’re looking to cast someone as “Evelyn”. Described as having to “portray a strong, evil, and ancient soul and has to convey emotions without speaking. Her presence alone must have a chilling effect on the ones in her midst.”

With Aubrey Plaza being the reported villain of the series, but the role unknown, this perhaps can be another witch that is by her side causing chaos. 

With a reportedly stacked cast for this ‘WandaVision’ spinoff, we’ll most likely get more official confirmations of roles as the series reportedly starts filming next week according to Emma Caulfield, who is reprising her role as Dottie from ‘WandaVision’.

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