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SEE IT: Bob Iger Receives Warm Welcome During First Casual Visit To Disneyland Since Returning As CEO

Talk about “Return of the King”…

This past weekend Bob Iger casually visited California’s Disneyland theme park for the first time since returning as CEO.

While he was accompanied by his wife and The Walt Disney Company’s Vice President of Parks, Experiences, and Products Josh D’Amara, he was recognized, rushed, and revered by fans who were glad to have him back as head of the House of Mouse.

NexStar Media’s Scott Gustin’s tweeted about Iger’s impromptu meet-n-greet, and even posted photos (courtesy of Twitter user @Jaysquivel) that Iger took with many Disney fans.

Judging by the smile on his face, Iger was happy to be amongst so many welcoming guests.

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He documented his experience and express his joy to be back on his personal Twitter account as well, posting a photo of the Candlelight Processional later that evening.

Iger was reinstated as the company’s CEO a little over two weeks ago. The abrupt announcement was made on the evening of Sunday, November 20th. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, it broke the internet and still has some curious what really caused the Company’s decision.

SOURCE: @JaySquivel via Twitter

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