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Donald Glover to Produce and Star in Spider-Man Spinoff Based on Hypno-Hustler

Donald Glover may have had a brief appearance in the MCU, but Sony is giving the actor his own movie in the weirdest way imaginable.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Glover is set to produce and star in an upcoming Spider-Man spinoff centered around the villain Hypno-Hustler. The untitled project is set to be written by Myles Murphy, son of comedic legend Eddie Murphy. Further details on the project are being kept under wraps by the studio.

First appearing in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #24 released in 1978, Antoine Delsoin aka Hypno-Hustler is the lead singer of the Mercy Killers. He and his band were scheduled to perform at a nightclub called “Beyond Forever”. When the club’s manager catches Hypno-Hustler robbing his safe, Hypno-Hustler used his hypnotic equipment on the manager. When it came time to perform, Hypno-Hustler and his band used their hypnotizing equipment on the audience in a plan to rob them as well. Peter Parker was at the club at the time and changed into Spider-Man. During the fight, Spider-Man discovered that Hypno-Hustler’s headphones protected him from his own hypnotic music. Spider-Man managed to remove them from Hypno-Hustler causing him to become a victim of his own hypnosis. When the audience was free of the hypnosis, Hypno-Hustler and his Mercy Killers were webbed up and left for the police.

The Hypno-Hustler can perform hypnosis with the aid of his guitar, and when teamed with his backup band, The Mercy Killers, they can perform mass hypnosis. His boots can emit knockout gas on demand and have retractable knives in the soles.

While fans may know Glover for his appearance as Aaron Morales in Spider-Man: Homecoming, that wasn’t the only time he has been a part of the Spider-Man franchise. Glover voiced voice Spider-Man/Miles Morales in the Disney XD series Ultimate Spider-Man in 2015.

Sony is continuing to build towards its own Spider-Man universe separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which includes VenomMorbiusKraven The HunterMadame Web, and El Muerto, another wacky movie based on a little-known Spider-Man villain.

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