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Marvel Comics: News Round-up 19th-25th June

This week saw Marvel give us more information about a Goblin Queen, some ghoulish team-ups, and a whole load of new covers. Check out all the Marvel Comics news for 19th-25th June.

New Covers

Dark X-Men #2 (of 5). By Steve Foxe and Jonas Scharf. Variant cover by Jeehyung Lee. On sale 20th September,

A New Queen in Town

The Fall of X is almost upon us, and there’s a whole host of tie-in comics, limited series, and one-shots. One of the titles that is coming our way in September is the limited series Dark X-Men. Madelyne Pryor leads this group of twisted mutants in a five-issue limited series in one of Krakoa’s most tumultuous times. Earlier this week, Marvel released Jeehyung Lee’s incredible cover for issue #2. See Madelyne Pryor contemplating her future in her classic Goblin Queen look. Be sure to check out the new cover now and pick up your copy this summer.

Daredevil #1. By Saladin Ahmed and Aaron Kuder. Variant cover by Frank Miller. On sale 13th September.

A Legend Returns to Daredevil

Frank Miller is making a comeback to Marvel Comics, and his artwork is gracing the covers of some upcoming comics. This September sees the beginning of a new run of Daredevil, so what better way to mark this new start than with a Frank Miller variant cover. The legendary creator was part of the landmark Daredevil run in the 80s, and helped to redefine the character with Klaus Janson, so to see him return is a special moment for Marvel. Daredevil’s new series starts this September and be sure to check back for more news on the series soon.

  • Marvel Comics Star Wars: Dark Droids #1
  • Marvel Comics Star Wars: Dark Droids #2
  • Marvel Comics Star Wars: Dark Droids #3
  • Marvel Comics Star Wars: Dark Droids #4
  • Marvel Comics Star Wars: Dark Droids #5

Not the Droids You’re Looking For

Earlier this year, Marvel announced their crossover event Dark Droids, which starts in August. The Scourge is travelling through the galaxy, and it’s taking down all the droids in its path. The terrifying tale will see all droids and cyborgs corrupted on both sides. Empire and Rebellion alike will have to face the Scourge and stop it before it starts to take over more than just metal.

To celebrate this event, Rachael Stott has created a line of variant covers that will spotlight some of the prime targets of The Scourge. There’ll be a variant cover for each issue of Star Wars: Dark Droids, so check them all out now and be sure to pick up your copies this summer.

One-Shots and Special Meetings

Werewolf by Night #1. By Derek Landy and Fran Galán. Cover by Corin Howell. On sale 13th September.

Ghoulish Reunion

After Marvel’s special presentation last year, Jack Russell – aka Werewolf by Night – is quickly becoming a fan favourite character that we just can’t wait to see more of in the MCU. But while we wait for him to come back to our screens, we’ll get to see more of him on our pages. This autumn, get yourselves ready for the spooky season with a special, oversized one-shot featuring the lupine hero. Werewolf by Night #1 sees Jack Russell team up once more with Elsa Bloodstone to stop the sacrifice of a young girl. Will the dysfunctional duo be able to put their differences aside and take down the group of dastardly monsters who are carrying out the sacrifice? Or will their past get in the way? With a whole new story and black-and-white stylised sections, this is sure to be an amazing and unique story. Check out the cover now and be sure to pick up your copy this September.

Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #0. By Saladin Ahmed and Juan Ferreyra. On sale 13th September,

The Horror of Spider-Man

Have you ever thought that you need a bit more horror in your Spider-Man stories? Well, wait no more! Coming this September, check out Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #0, the one-shot collection of the Infinity comic that has shocked fans for the last 2 years. See Spidey taking on Sleep-Stealer, who haunted his waking life as much as his nightmares. This comic has only ever been an Infinity comic special, so be sure to pick up the in-print debut of this fan-favourite story, brought to you by Saladin Ahmed and Juan Ferreyra.

  • Marvel Comics Strange Academy: Miles Morales #1
  • Marvel Comics Strange Academy: Moon Knight #1
  • Marvel Comics Strange Academy: Spider-Man #1

Weirdest Field Trip Ever?

Strange Academy is everyone we love about the Marvel Universe. Magic, mythology and more, this series has quickly risen as one of the most well-loved new additions to the comics. So later this year, see some of the Strange Academy students team up with some of our favourite Marvel heroes to take on a new multiversal villain – The Equation. Starting with a throwdown in New York City alongside Miles Morales at the Multiversal Math Bowl, the story then takes a more dangerous twist once Moon Knight enters the game. Finally, once all hope seems lost, will Spider-Man be able to swing into the rescue? Check out all three interconnected team-up issues to get the full story of this thrilling saga.

Venom #25. Written by Al Ewing. Art by Sergio Dávila, Cafu, Ken Lashley and Julius Ohta. Cover by Bryan Hitch. On sale 6th September.

Taking Down Doom

This September sees a milestone 25th issue for one of our favourite symbiotes, Venom. To finally end his bloody battle with Meridius, Eddie Brock needs to access the time platform belonging to none other than the Lord of Latveria himself – Doctor Doom. While Eddie’s new symbiote might give him a whole host of new abilities, will it be enough to bring down Doom? Or has he taken on too much in his search for victory? Be sure to pick up the oversized issue #25 this September to get the full story.

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