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‘Saw X’ Actress Renata Vaca Revealed To Have Been In The Running For ‘Snow White’

Disney has seen tons of success with their string of live-action remakes/adaptations. The 10 that have been released since 2010 have grossed over $7 billion worldwide, $10 billion if you start in 1994. Up next for the studio is Snow White, starring Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot. The movie is surrounded by controversies due to people taking some of Zegler’s comments out of context. But that won’t stop us from getting more info on the project. Now we got details on the casting process and another actress that was in the running for the lead role.

Today it was revealed that Saw X actress, Renata Vaca, was one of the actresses in the running for the Snow White role. And also she was one of the two finalists along with Rachel Zegler to get the iconic role.

During an interview with journalist Gaby Meza, Renata Vaca revealed that she got the casting call to play Disney’s first princess and also revealed some interesting details on the casting process. The interview was recorded prior the SAG-AFTRA strike.

The Casting Process

When I got the casting it said it was open to any ethnicity

Renata Vaca to Gaby Meza on “Hablemos De CIne Con” podcast

The casting being open to any ethnicity is not a surprise. Let’s remember singers H::E.R (Beauty and the Beast) and Olivia Rodrigo (HSMTMTS) were also in the running for the role and Vaca is Mexican. Zegler, who plays the title character, is from latino descent.

For the first phase of the casting they had them singing a Disney song and writing a monologue. Vaca said she sang Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go”, which was aeasier for her to sing, she revealed. She had experience in singing and making covers for her YouTube channel when she was younger.

After a month she received an email confirming she was one of the two finalists to play Snow White. The final casting call was via Zoom due to the pandemic during 2020-2021. Director Marc Webb, crew members and casting directors were there. Sadly for her, the next day after she auditioned, Zegler was announced to be playing the role.

We started the casting. I did it. He gave me some annotations. They said ‘Thank you’ and that’s it.

Renata Vaca to Gaby Meza on “Hablemos De CIne Con” podcast

Although she didn’t get the role, she admits she wasn’t ready to be in such a big movie and praises director Marc Webb and Rachel Zegler. And after that, she was better prepared for her Saw X audition.

I think I needed more to make that decision. Besides, Rachel Zegler is so talented. To me is like ‘No Way!’ Marc Webb directed me, even if it’s just for a casting call. I was Snow White there and they saw me as Snow White at some point. Maybe one day Disney will call me again to be a princess

Renata Vaca to Gaby Meza on “Hablemos De CIne Con” podcast

With both Zegler (Colombian descent) and Vaca (Mexican) as the finalists we can say Disney wanted a latina to play Snow White. But most importantly, both of them are extremely beautiful, talented and are the perfect fit for the role.

Directed by Marc Webb, the film will expand upon the 1937 film’s story and music. With a script from Greta Gerwig and new songs by songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (La La Land and The Greatest Showman). Starring Rachel Zegler, Gal Gadot, Andrew Burnap as Jonathan and Martin Klebba as Grumpy, the movie premieres in March, 2024.

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