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Marvel Comics: New York Comic-Con 2023 News Round-Up

October 18, 2023Ángel Pérez J

New York Comic-Con has just wrapped up and Marvel Comics dropped numerous major announcements. Let’s take a closer look at the major news we received.

Spider-Man and His Friends Battle for the Fate of New York

Marvel Comics released a brand-new trailer for “GANG WAR”, the new event crafted by AMAZING SPIDER-MAN writer Zeb Wells that teases the chaos that will consume New York. Spider-Man and the rest of New York’s Street level heroes like Daredevil, She-Hulk, Luke Cage and more will be caught in the middle of city-wide Gang War between the major criminals of the city like Kingpin, Mr. Negative, Tombstone, Hobgoblin and more.

A Century-Old Rivalry Reaches its Bloody Climax

At the Marvel Comics Showcase on October 13, Marvel Comics shared new previews at the upcoming event “SABRETOOH WAR”, which Ryan Penagos (Marvel Creative VP) and WOLVERINE writer Benjamin Percy have stated will be the definitive story of the ancient feud between Wolverine and Sabretooth. The panel also shared a first look at new covers from the event.

The Vampires of the Marvel Universe take their Biggest Bite Yet

One of the brand-new announcements at NYCC, Marvel Comics unveiled their next big event, “BLOOD HUNT”, which will see the Marvel Universe engulfed in the “Long Night” and allow Earth’s Vampire to roam the world unrestrained and it will be up to Blade the Vampire Hunter to rally all the heroes to stop the vampire invasion. The event will be written by current Avengers writer Jed MacKay and illustrated by Pepe Larraz and Marte Garcia.

Long Overdue Sibling Team-Up

During the Marvel livestream at NYCC, Marvel Comics announced a new limited series starring one of its most iconic duos, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Per writer Steve Orlando, who has revitalized Wanda as a solo hero, “SCARLET WITCH & QUICKSILVER” will serve as follow-up to his current SCARLET WITCH run and will aim to similarly revitalize Quicksilver. The series will launch on February, 2024.

The End of An Era Approaches

Announced at Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel, X-MEN writer Gerry Duggan, and X-MEN RED writer Al Ewing properly unveiled the final chapter of the current era of the X-Men in the form of FALL OF THE HOUSE OF X and RISE OF THE POWERS OF X, plus the special One-Shot RESURRECTION OF MAGNETO that will mark the end of the new X-Men era that Jonathan Hickman started with House of X and Powers of X and will herald what’s to come for Marvel’s Merry Mutants. FALL OF THE HOUSE OF X and RISE OF THE POWERS OF X will be available in January of 2024.

The Twilight of the Age of Heroes Approaches

Another one of the big reveals at Marvel’s Next Big Thing, renowned writer Chip Zdarsky unveiled a special new vision for the future of the Avengers in AVENGERS: TWILIGHT. In this vision of the future, the age of heroes has passed, the Avengers are gone and only Steve Rogers remains, but while the world’s heroes are no more, the future still needs to be Avenged.  AVENGERS: TWILIGHT will be available January, 2024.

The Ultimate Vision for the Ultimate Marvel Universe

Coming out of Marvel’s Next Big Thing panel and right out of the ULTIMATE INVASION series, Jonathan Hickman unveiled his revolutionary vision for this iteration of the Marvel Universe and unveiled the first titles part of this new era with ULTIMATE UNIVERSE, ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, ULTIMATE BLACK PANTHER, and ULTIMATE X-MEN al highlighting bold new takes on Marvel heroes. All these titles will launch early next year.

The Clawsover Of The Century

Also announced at New York Comic-Con: INFINITY PAWS.
The upcoming event series is written by seasoned Infinity Comic creator Jason Loo (Lucky the Pizza Dog, X-Men Unlimited) and superstar artist and colorist Nao Fuji (Marvel Meow). The series features fan-favorite animals from across the Marvel Universe: Jeff the Land Shark, Carol Danvers’ feline companion Chewie, Alligator Loki, and Lucky the Pizza Dog – all stars of their very own Infinity Comics! 

The Shattering of the Marvel Cosmos Is On the Horizon

One last reveal from the Marvel Next Big Thing Panel, revolutionary mastermind Jonathan Hickman and visionary artist Valerio Schiti further teased what’s in store from their cosmology-shattering series G.O.D.S. in a brand-new trailer showing the looming threat of the villainous forces that threaten both The-Powers-That-Be and The-Natural-Order-Of-Things. Now it’s up to Wyn, Avatar of The-Powers-That-Be, his apprentice Dimitri, Agent of The-Natural-Order-Of-Things Aiko Maki and Mia the Magical Girl to stand up and defend creation as we know it.


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    Marvel Comics: New York Comic-Con 2023 News Round-Up

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