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INCREDIBLES 2 Concept Art Gives Us Our First Look At The Sequel!

Disney’s huge fan expo D23 is set to kick off next week and details are already coming out. Pixar will seemingly have a big presence as the official app for the expo has revealed what looks like our first look at the long-awaited sequel!

Along with the art, the director and producers of the first film are confirmed to come back. It was assumed before they would but it’s now nice to hear a confirmation.  The filmmakers will be signing the art at D23 next week. The image isn’t very high quality due to it being straight from the app.   There was also a slight title change, instead of The Incredibles 2, it’s now a simpler Incredibles 2.

Check out the art below:


The art, features the characters previously included in the first films, including Samuel L. Jackson’s Frozone. What’s very noticeable in the image is how they appear to be only slightly older, which probably means that the film will start pretty soon when the last one left off. The art looks great though, and I love how you can also see other heroes flying in the background, possibly teasing that more superheros will be featured this time around.

This is pretty exciting stuff and I have a feeling we will know even more details come D23 next week. Pixar fans have waited a long, long time for a sequel which means that the hype will indeed by high for this one.

Source: D23 App

Incredibles 2 to hit theaters on June 15, 2018!

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