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Five Best Marvel Films Yet!

When it comes to Marvel setting the bar for “cinematic universes”, they set it pretty dang high. So high that a lot of other studios are trying to mimic the concept. While Some succeed and others do not, I’m looking at you Warner Bros. and Universal. However, Marvel now has sixteen films in their universe, with another ten being produced/coming soon. Now if you ask me, that’s pretty amazing. The man behind this phenomenon is Kevin Feige! 

Mr. Feige has revolutionized the superhero genre. Coming from 20th Century Fox, working on the Bryan Singer ‘X-Men’ films, he already had a taste for the bug of superhero films, and now, knowing what he does and how his mind works, he’s created some of the highest grossing movies of the last decade.

So enough of me rambling, here’s my top five favorite Marvel Studios films so far!

5. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Finally! They got Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! This telling of Spider-Man is the most comic book accurate incarnation of the character. Peter Parker is finally in his age range and not thirty like his predecessors.

This is exactly what I wanted out of a Spider-Man flick. No huge battle scenes and no over the top VFX. Just a simple teenager, dealing with teenager issues, all whilst being our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. The whole film is set up to tell a coming of age story, which is what it needed to be. Sony tried making the character THE big character he eventually becomes but they forgot to come back to earth and start from the ground up. 

This film didn’t feel like he’s dealing with big issues like Green Goblin terrorizing NYC. It was grounded and dealt with a smaller scale villian. It was perfect! Now as Peter starts to get a hang of his super powers, then it opens up a world of storylines this adaptation can take. Which is why this is on my list of the best Marvel films to come out yet!

4. Captain America: The First Avenger

Honestly, this was one of the originals to kick this whole universe off. A lot of people hate on this movie for being slow and it hard to find it’s balance. However, I thought it had everything I wanted in a Captain America film!

Now I know we’re sick of seeing origin stories but this is one of the ones that NEEDED to be told. It had so much heart and an amazing message to top it all off. We see this kid from Brooklyn trying to serve his country and no matter how many times they tell him no, he keeps on trying. Which is why he’s our Captain America. We needed to see that beginning so we can fully understand the character and love him all the more.

The romance between Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter was heartwarming, due to the fact that it felt so real. Throughout the film, they just kept building up to it but we never quite get there, besides the kiss at the end. But I digress, it was subtle and fit perfectly into the story without drowning the whole plot out.

The reason I’m putting this up in my top five is because of one word and one word only. Heart. This film makes you want to get up and give back to society and be a good person, because that’s what incubuses his whole character. And that kids is why this movie is amazing.

3. The Avengers

I think it’s pretty obvious why this movie is up there. One scene to paint a picture: In the third act of the film, the whole team standing in a circle as the camera pans around them was ICONIC. My god, it literally gave me chills.

This film was the start of something huge. That these characters that had their solo films weren’t alone in this universe. That all these characters have backstories that intertwine in a way that we haven’t seen on the big screen before. The interactions, the battle scenes, and the soul of each character was so carefully handcrafted, it almost seemed that these heroes lived in the real world.

I don’t really have much else to say on this movie because it speaks for itself; THE AVENGERS. It’s everything we ever wanted, and it’s only beginning! Watch it. Love it. Then watch it twelve more times like I did. It’s great!

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

Now this was a film that I was really blown away by. James Gunn is a true screenwriting genius because the character development in this story was magical. 

This was a team that no one had ever heard of and now you can’t go anywhere without people praising Star-Lord or saying “I am Groot” every five seconds. It’s amazing! Mr. Gunn truely made a name for these guys and did it with such care for the characters, that it shows up on screen.

Each character was cast so perfectly too. I can’t even look at Chris Pratt without seeing Peter Quill, same goes for the rest too. 

This film touched on so many emotions and comedic relief, that I was shocked at how much I loved it; and look, it’s number two in my list! I can watch this film over and over again and never get tired of it. 

Lastly, the soundtrack. When I found out that James Gunn careful picks each song and literally puts it in the screenplay is so bizarre but adds so much story in itself, that it acts as it’s own character in the film. Now I see why both soundtracks when platinum! This has me so excited for the Guardians to show up in ‘Infinity War’ because I really hope James Gunn got input on the sound track for the film!

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Solider’ is my favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movie yet. I have also found that it’s going to take a lot of surpass this masterpiece of a film. This gives me so much hope for what the Russo Bros. are doing with the next set of Avengers films because this is the only film I have seen more than three times at the theaters. It was pure cinematic gold!

The hardships Steve Rogers has to go through after waking up in the present is heart breaking. Everyone he loved was gone and did it really have anyone to turn to. This also had some really good funny moments as well.

Secondly, the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Bucky as The Winter Soldier was so poetic and had to much meaning behind to it. When Rogers is finally starting to fit in and adjust to the world of today, everything starts crumbling around him. That is why story telling is all about. To take you out of your seat and give you an inside look into this characters head and body, which makes you start to feel emotions and sympathy for the character.

Bucky as The Winter Solider was the perfect plot line for this film. We last saw Bucky falling to his death from a train in the first film, only to be revived as a Russian hit man with his memories wiped. As soon as Steve recognizes him, Bucky freezes and begins to regain some of those memories back. The back in forth in this film between Bucky and Steve was amazing and just when you think he remembers; nope. Back in the electric chair for you Mr. Barnes.

The way this film pulled so many heart strings and made me feel so many feelings is why it’s at number one. No other Marvel film has done that since and maybe won’t ever again; however, I’ve been wrong before.

So that completes my list. Thank you for reading and be sure to check back to Disney Film Facts for all of your Disney released News and Editorials!

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  • The Animation Commendation September 30, 2017

    I also am a fan of the first Captain America. I didn’t think it was anything amazing, but it wasn’t as awful as people were claiming it to be.

    The first GOTG is my fave Marvel movie.

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