EXCLUSIVE: Production Start Date For Disney’s Live-Action SWORD IN THE STONE Remake!

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Whether you love them or hate them Disney’s live-action adaptations of their classic animated films have been box office gold, and with Disney hard at work getting their streaming service ready for a 2019 launch, the studio is getting content ready for the service. One of the films Disney is looking to feature is a live-action remake of Sword In The Stone, and now we have an update to share with you on the film.

We have exclusively learned that The Sword In The Stone will be filming in Belfast, Ireland and the production is aiming for a September 24, 2018, start date.

It should be noted that this date could change, but with Disney’s streaming service expected to drop next year, it’s a safe bet that Disney will get this film into production sooner rather than later

The film will be directed by 28 Days Later Helmer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, with casting underway.

Disney is also in development of a Merlin saga with Ridley Scott. Disney has not confirmed if the saga will tie into The Sword In The Stone.

Disney also has a live-action/CGI remake of Lady And The Tramp in development with Charlie Bean set to direct. Which will also make it’s way to the streaming service.

stay tuned for more updates as they come!


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