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**UPDATE** ‘Daredevil’ Is Back From The Dead In First Look At Season Three

Our favorite blind superhero is coming back to Netflix in the upcoming third season of ‘Daredevil’. The last time we saw The Man Without Fear (Charlie Cox) was at the end of Marvel’s ‘Defenders’, crushed underneath a building with Elektra (Eloise Yung) and assumed dead. Now with season three hitting soon, we will start to learn more about how the character is dealing with the aftermath of that incident.

“Matt starts the season broken physically, broken emotionally, and broken spiritually. He’s angry at God, he’s angry at the fact that he had risked his life to do God’s work, and he’s questioning whether or not he was a fool.  Matt goes to pretty much the darkest place you can. When he realizes that he’s incapable of being Daredevil, he would rather just end it than go forward in his life without abilities. He’s decided to set aside his Matt Murdock persona and just be the Devil, to isolate the lighter part of himself.“

Showrunner Erik Oleson

Season three see’s the return of Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio), who was the first season’s villain and who was briefly in season two. According to EW, we will see Kingpin carry out a larger plan that will test the strength of Matt Murdock.

Check out the first look photos down below and catch season three of ‘Daredevil’ on Oct. 19 on Netflix.


Two more stills thave been released. Check them out down below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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