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’Mulan’ Expected to Find a New Theatrical Release Date

It looks like Disney Studios highly anticipated live-action reimagining of Mulan may have to find itself a new theatrical release as coronavirus cases surge across the nation.

Another huge country Disney hopes to draw in for Mulan is China, who is also experiencing a resurgence in coronavirus cases.

Now, as far as I’ve been told by studio reps, Mulan is expected to move, but an official decision will likely come later this week. That said, I was also told that they plan on keeping this film a theatrical release and that they have no plans for VOD/Disney+ drop. This is something Disney has been sticking by since Mulan was forced to move off its original March 27 release. Not to mention Disney already has early plans for a Mulan sequel, which depends on the financial success of this film, which would only be achieved on the big screen.

According to some insiders, the studio also isn’t too keen on “to have their movie be the first big new release in theaters.” Also, there is an uncertainty that theaters across the nation will open in time for a Mulan release. I would imagine Disney would look at a December release, which has proved to be successful for Star Wars and the newest Jumanji franchise.

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When the Emperor of China issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army to defend the country from Northern invaders, Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of an honored warrior, steps in to take the place of her ailing father. Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential. It is an epic journey that will transform her into an honored warrior and earn her the respect of a grateful nation and a proud father.

Mulan features a celebrated international cast that includes, Liu Yifei (The Forbidden Kingdom) as the titular hero, Donnie Yen (Ip Man) as Commander Tung; Jason Scott Lee (The Jungle Book) as Böri Khan; Yoson An (The Meg) as Cheng Honghui; with Gong Li (Miami Vice) as Xianniang and Jet Li (The Expendables) as the Emperor. The film is directed by Niki Caro (Whale Rider) from a screenplay by Rick Jaffa & Amanda Silver and Elizabeth Martin & Lauren Hynek based on the narrative poem “The Ballad of Mulan.”


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