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DEVELOPING: California To Announce Reopening Guidelines Tomorrow (Will Disney be Left Out?)

BREAKING STORY:  It was announced today, October 19th, that the State of California is going to release theme park reopening guidelines tomorrow at noon PST. This lit up the Disney fan community as people are anxious for any news regarding the reopening of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. But, like every news story about Disneyland’s reopening so far, there is a, but. 

Governor Newsom’s statement that there would be reopening guidelines released tomorrow was confused by other statements made by the Governor. Newsom explained that they would be taking a tiered approach to the theme park reopening and that parks would be broken up into different groups. He explained that there are numerous businesses that could fall into the category of the theme parks, from a small plot of land with one ferris wheel on it, all the way up to the massive Disneyland Resort, he made it clear that there would be differing guidelines for different types of parks. This has led some to wonder if the larger parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Knott’s Berry Farm, might be left off of the first round of guidelines. While the Governor did not explicit say this, there are many who have been covering this story that are suspicious of his need to clarify that not all parks will be covered by these guidelines.

Maybe we are being appropriately cautious or maybe we are reading too much into the tea leaves, however, this entire journey of reopening between Disney and California would leave even the most hardened parks reporter a bit skeptical. 

The reopening plan will be announced tomorrow, Tuesday October 20th, at noon PST. We will be covering it as it happens on The DisInsider’s website and on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @TheDisInsider

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