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Over 1,000 Disneyland Cast Members Recalled For Upcoming DCA Event

On the day of Disney California Adventure’s 20th birthday, the Disneyland Resort announced an upcoming event at the two-decade old park. The event allows them to recall over 1,000 Disney parks cast members back to work.

Disneyland’s President Ken Potrock sent out an email announcing the upcoming event, but was a bit sparse with the details.

We do know that this will take place in Disney California Adventure and will be an expanded food and beverage offering with carefully crafted entertainment. It will run several times a week and will debut in mid-March. Other than that, we are just left to guess at this point.

While this is not how Disney would like to have celebrated Disney California Adventure’s 20th birthday, it is welcome news to fans who are looking for any chance to soak up the magic of the Disneyland Resort. It is also welcome news to Disney cast members who will be called back to work soon.

We will continue to monitor this story and fill out the details as we receive them.

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