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Updates for ‘The Haunted Mansion’ Ride Announced

Since Disneyland’s closure in 2020, a lot of long-standing rides have received updates behind the scenes over the course of the past year. One of these has been revealed to be The Haunted Mansion.

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When Disneyland opens back up on April 30, along with the familiar aspects, guests can now expect to see several new additions to the ride. The two major changes are a pet graveyard and a previously removed hallway portrait.

As shown in the photo below, the newly landscaped outside area will feature gravestones for long lost pets including pigs, dogs, and bunnies.

Another new element is an additional portrait in the hallway. This portrait, called April to December, will return after previously being removed in 2005. The character in the portrait ages in real time before the eyes of guests as they ride by. The portrait was originally painted by Marc Davis, one of the Nine Old Men and an essential contributor to Disneyland.

In the report from The Los Angeles Times, they interviewed Michele Hobbs, who oversaw this refurbishment. She discussed the technology of the aging effect saying “…that at the time, the painting’s gradual four-scene change didn’t work with a technological update to the ride that created crisper, more instantaneous two-slide transformations. Imagineering has now extended the portrait hallway, placing a remade version of Davis’ art around a bend — past the illusion of the busts watching guests.”

In addition to the work of Marc Davis, the team also placed references to Xavier Atencio and Rolly Crump, two other Disney legends that were integral to Disneyland.

Be sure to look out for these changes when returning to Disneyland!

Source: Disney Parks Blog

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