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‘Deadpool’ Director Tim Miller Talks Ryan Reynolds Character in the MCU

In a recent interview with Inverse, Tim Miller, the director of Deadpool, had some things to say about the character.

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One of the things that sets the Deadpool franchise apart from other Marvel films is its use of adult content, which has resulted in R-ratings for the first two films. With Deadpool 3 officially announced by Kevin Feige, many have speculated how these stylist choices could be integrated into the MCU.

Tim Miller had this to say to Inverse:

“…I think Ryan Reynolds’ take on the character and the way he embraces the particular kind of insanity — even if you said he’s not gonna use four-letter words — would still be there. He still is that character. You can take the R-rated parts out of it if you wanted and it would still be Deadpool if Ryan was doing it.”

Despite this statement, Kevin Feige has previously stated that, like the first two, the third Deadpool film will be R-rated. However, it is likely that if Deadpool appears in other MCU films, his language will have to be toned down to suit a PG-13 audience.

The first Deadpool film was released in 2016 with Ryan Reynolds as the titular character. The film was notably given an R-rating and was distributed by 20th Century Fox as part of the X-Men franchise. This film was followed up in 2018 with Deadpool 2, also rated R (though a PG-13 version called Once Upon a Deadpool hit theaters in time for Christmas that year). Following the 20th Century acquisition by Disney, it was confirmed that a third Deadpool film was in development, this time taking place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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