‘Black Widow’ Character Revealed To Be The MCU’s First Official Mutant!

With the jaw-dropping season finale of Loki coming out just a few days after the release Black Widow, Marvel fans barely had enough time to digest the latter.

Now, even though Black Widow was filled with just as many easter eggs as any other MCU project; there is one that not too many may have picked up on that was confirmed today by one of the film’s actual stars.

Olivier Richters, who goes by the nickname “The Dutch Giant” and plays Ursa in the latest Marvel Studios film, took to twitter today to announce that his character is none other than Ursa Major of the Winter Guard.

For those who don’t know, in the comics Ursa Major is a mutant with the ability to transform into a brown bear who was a well-known member of the Winter Guard, which many consider to be Russia’s answer to The Avengers.

You can read the full post, as well as more information about the character, down below!

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios, Richters clear understanding of the character and his background is confirmation enough.

That being said, it looks like the mutants are finally among us. Coupled with the unveiling of the multiverse in Loki‘s finale, this could very well be the best week Marvel fans have ever experienced and the biggest one for the universe so far.

Currently, we’re only aware of one possible mutant-centric project in development at Marvel Studios aptly titled The Mutants. With relationship the Eternals have with the group, it is also widely believed that the upcoming film will open the door to their existence. Until then though, it looks like all we have is Ursa.

What do you think about the long-awaited arrival of mutants in the MCU? Who do you think we’ll meet next? Would you like to see Ursa return in a future film? Sound off below!

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