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More Marvel on Hulu? Signs Point to Yes

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Hulu Head of Scripted Content Jordan Helman is excited about the possibility of working with Feige…

I tried really hard to like Helstrom (Runaways, Cloak and Dagger). I really did. Same with M.O.D.O.K.

So, short of Charlie Cox coming through the door wearing dark glasses or seeing Krysten Ritter kicking someone, hard, I can’t tell you I’m excited about Hulu getting more Marvel.

However, Jordan Helman, Hulu’s head of scripted content, remains thrilled with the prospect. And I guess that matters a whole lot more than my opinion, no?

Hulu Excited About Marvel

This afternoon, Deadline’s Peter White reported:

Jordan Helman, Hulu
Image: Variety

The streamer’s most recent Marvel live-action series Helstrom was canceled after one season, and two of the four planned animated series – Howard The Duck and Tigra & Dazzler – did not move forward.

Marvel continues to be an incredibly important partner and one of the biggest generators of content within the Disney ecosystem so we’re excited about the possibility of what may lie in the future with regards to the Hulu/Marvel relationship.”

Hulu’s Jordan Helman to Deadline’s Peter White

I mean, who wouldn’t be excited? [ahem]

M.O.D.O.K. Season Two?

Image: Marvel/Hulu

However, Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. still needs renewal. Moreover, the most buzz coming to Marvel currently remains squarely within the “confines” of Disney+ and What…If?

Marvel Studios, Marvel
Image: Marvel

Meanwhile, Helman doubled down to Deadline, saying, “Given Marvel’s place in the Disney ecosystem, it seems like an incredibly robust avenue for future projects.”

Deadline’s White also reminded readers:

Image: Hulu/Polygon

Hulu also has Hit Monkey, another animated Marvel series, coming later this year. The series, which comes from Josh Gordon and Will Speck, tracks a pissed-off Japanese snow monkey who tries to take on and take down Tokyo’s crime underworld with the ghost of an American assassin by his side.

Let’s wait and see on that one.

Of course, will continue to keep our ears peeled for the latest on Hulu and Marvel.

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