Carl Weathers, The Manadalorian, Greef Carga Disney Lucasfilm

Mandalorian Season 3 Begins Filming in September

Carl Weathers recently confirmed speculation regarding the production timing of Disney Plus’ Star Wars cornerstone series….

Moff Gideon, Giancarlo Esposito, told cameras that production on Season 3 of Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian would soon continue. And this past weekend, Carl Weathers, Greef Karga on the show, told the audience at Steel City Con filming begins in September.

On Monday, Bespin Bulletin — who keeps a wary eye on the Tatooine horizon — quoted Weathers as saying:

Carl Weathers, The Manadalorian, Greef Carga
Carl Weathers is Greef Carga. Image: Disney Plus

We’re gonna start a new season of The Mandalorian in the next month. Yeah and I get to be in front of the camera again and I get to direct again. So I hope you all stay on the look out for it, watch it, support it please because I’m not just proud of my work, but I’m proud of the show and to be part of it.

Carl Weathers, The Mandalorian
Carl Weathers, The Manadalorian, Greef Carga
Image: Disney+

Moreover, the outlet also pointed out the show generally releases “11-13 months after principal photography begins.” A five-month (or so) filming schedule has also been the norm for the first two seasons.

With that in mind, Bespin Bulletin expects to see The Mandalorian Season 3 late in October – December.

Finally, Bespin Bulletin also speculated on the timing of the Disney+ Star Wars and Marvel shows. Be sure to check out the full article for their breakdown.

Carl Weathers, The Manadalorian, Greef Carga
Image: Disney+

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