‘Peter Pan & Wendy’ Inspired by 2019’s ‘The Lighthouse’

Today, David Lowery, director of The Green Knight and Disney+’s Peter Pan & Wendy took to Reddit yesterday in an “Ask Me Anything” thread. In response to a Redditor’s question, Lowery revealed a fact about his upcoming film that has been turning heads.

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One Reddit user pointed out similarities between The Green Knight and other A24 films such as Midsommar and The Lighthouse. Lowery’s response is interesting; he denies any intentional similarities with those films and The Green Knight, as he hadn’t seen those films during the time of production.

However, this is where it gets interesting, at least for Disney fans. Lowery goes on to say that his “new Disney film was very influenced by The Lighthouse“. This new Disney film he speaks of could only be the upcoming Peter Pan & Wendy, the live-action remake of the 1953 animated classic.

At first glance, this comparison seems absurd. After all, how could a New England Gothic film have any similarities to the story of Peter Pan? However, the waterside setting and the psychological aspects of Neverland make this an intriguing idea. Also in the thread is a confirmation that the film has wrapped filming, which we reported on earlier this week.

A link to the full thread can be found here.

Peter Pan and Wendy is directed by David Lowery, who also wrote the screenplay along with Toby Halbrooks. Lowery previously directed the remake of Pete’s Dragon, released in 2016. In addition to Jude Law, the cast will include newcomer Alexander Molony and Ever Anderson as the titular characters, respectively. Tinkerbell will be played by Yara Shahidi and Alyssa Alook will play Tiger Lily, who we revealed will play a pivotal role in the film. At the Disney Investor Day last year, it was revealed that this film will be releasing directly to Disney+.

We expect to see our first look at the film at Disney+ Day this coming November.

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