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A Strange Thing Happened at Galaxy’s Edge

gaten matarazzo


Gaten Matarazzo meets up with Chewbacca in the latest ‘Walt Disney World Minute’

Oft mentioned in Strangers Things (and more often homaged), Star Wars is omnipresent in the Netflix series. Off-set, the actors from the groundbreaking show also make no bones about their love of a galaxy far, far away.

Exhibit One

On a recent Halloween, three members of the cast showed their love for Star Wars.

Stranger Things, star Wars
Image: Twitter
Stranger Things, Star Wars
Image: Twitter

Moreover, notice Gaten Matarazzo dressed as Han Solo…

Exhibit Two

Later, Matarazzo visted and told Anthony Carboni of the late, great “The Star Wars Show” that he first saw Star Wars when he was four. But it was a subsequent viewing that made an impact.

Notice Gaten’s necklace. Image:

“The first time I feel like I watched the whole movie and I was invested, I was seven years old,” said Gaten. “I was with my uncle Dave, and he like, really set the scene. I got to stay up late, it was so exciting.

It was such an event. I watched from beginning to end. Life changing.”

Check out Matarazzo’s full interview below:

Fast forward a year, and this time it’s Disney Parks Blog that has Gaten under the lights (or suns).

Jaqueline Logan posted:

As you watch the Batuuan suns rise overhead, you spot your Resistance friend Chewbacca in the midst of an animated discussion with a mysterious figure. In walking towards the duo, you recognize the figure to be none other than actor, musician and prank show host, Gaten Matarazzo. What a strange thing to happen! Even more perplexing, Gaten appears to be conversing fluently in Chewie’s native language, Shyriiwook.

“You never know who or what you might encounter when exploring Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!” added Logan. “We interrupted Chewie and Gaten to film the latest edition of our Walt Disney World Minute series.”  

Check out his Walt Disney World Minute below:

Who knew Dustin can speak Shyriiwook?

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