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‘Encanto’: Meet The Magical Madrigal Family

Today, Good Morning America gave us an inside look at Walt Disney Animation Studios’ newest feature, Encanto. Set in Encanto, nestled in the mountains of Colombia, the movie centers on the Madrigal family, each of whom gets a magical power when they’re very young. Everyone, that is, except for Mirabel. In the film, Mirabel must figure out how she fits into her own family.

Meet the Madrigal family!

Image: Disney

Mirabel (Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Stephanie Beatriz): Mirabel is a young girl whom Bush described as “imperfect and weird and quirky, but also deeply emotional and incredibly empathetic” — a character that required a multifaceted performance. She has incredibly vulnerable moments singing, incredibly funny moments singing — there was nothing she couldn’t do.

Isabela (Orange is the New Black actress Diane Guererro): Isabela is Mirabel’s older sister and, like so many siblings, they have a complicated relationship. Isabela is smart and brilliant and so perfect that flowers bloom in footsteps. Anything she attempts to do is a success, which is the opposite of what Mirabel’s experience has been in this family.

Luisa (Feast of the Seven Fishes actress Jessica Darrow): Luisa, Mirabel’s other sister, probably has the biggest biceps in Disney history! She’s the one that Mirabel relies on. She’s the one in the family that’s carrying all the burdens and never complaining.

Pepa and Félix (Narcos actress Carolina Gaitán and singer Mauro Castillo): Pepa and Félix, Mirabel’s aunt and uncle, are a couple rooted in balance. Pepa is “overly dramatic, overly emotional and, for better or worse, her magical gift is that her emotions control the weather. It goes from sunny to hailing to snow to rainbows… and her husband loves that about her. He’s just there to have a good time! hilarious together. They are a fantastic, fun combination.

Dolores (singer-actress Adassa): Dolores, the daughter of Pepa and Félix, is a standout character. She’s the one who’s a little bit quiet but also knows everyone’s dirt.

Camilo (Marvel’s Runaways actor Rhenzy Feliz): The character of Camilo came about because the studio was interested in a teen who doesn’t quite know who they are yet and are trying on a lot of different personas. Camilo’s power is shape-shifting.

  • Antonio (#BlackAF actor Ravi-Cabot Conyers): In this amazing family, when you receive your magical gift, what comes along with that is a new room for you to use your gifts in. As a member of the family who didn’t get a gift, Mirabel didn’t graduate from the nursery so she’s been living [there] with Antonio, her youngest cousin. They have this really, really sweet, amazing relationship. She’s almost a big sister to him.

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The film features all-new songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Mary Poppins Returns, Moana) and is directed by Byron Howard (Zootopia, Tangled) and Jared Bush (co-director Zootopia), co-directed by Charise Castro Smith (writer The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez) and produced by Clark Spencer and Yvett Merino. Bush and Castro Smith are screenwriters on the film. The filmmakers were deeply inspired by their research trip to Colombia during early development of Encanto, as well as their continuous work with a group of expert consultants assembled through the course of the film’s production.

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ newest animated musical opens in theaters on November 24, 2021.

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