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So You’re Telling Me There’s A Chance

One stock analyst says he hasn’t given up on Disney stock…

It’s been a while since I looked at my 13 shares of DIS and – um, [that sound that Goofy makes when he falls off a cliff].

And, it’s been a long time since the heady days of Disney Stock’s 52-week high of $203.02.

So, instead of getting upset, I ignore. And I stand pat for a spell.

And, apparently, that makes me a genius.

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The Motley Fool’s Parkev Tatevosian wrote, “The House of Mouse may be out of favor for now, but that will not remain the case forever.”

Hopefully, that’s not just a fairy tale.

But I don’t mind Parkev’s take.

“The trouble is rising from Disney’s streaming services, which have seen customer demand slow down after surging at the pandemic onset,” he wrote. “Still, the company’s long-term prospects remain intact.”


1. Theme parks filling up

[A]lthough the parks are not yet at full strength, attendance is increasing quarter over quarter. This trend is likely to continue as more folks get vaccinated.

2. Shift to streaming services on track

Eventually, Disney’s content-producing machine will hit its stride, and its streaming services can be loaded with fresh content.

3. A lower price despite improving business

[M]anagement has reiterated confidence in its long-run target… its businesses that require bringing groups together are improving as more people are getting vaccinated.

Check out the full explanation here. Meanwhile, my baker’s dozen and I are going to keep an eye out on Wall Street, hoping Mickey & Co. can make a comeback sometime soon.

Until then, keep it here.

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