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Galactic Gift List: Add Star Wars Complete Vehicles

Looking for a last minute gift for the Star Wars fan on your list? I gotchu. Check out the newly updated Star Wars Complete Vehicles.

To whoever is reading this, please send me a copy of this book….

Straight up: This is a sincere plea. I would like to see this under my tree. Star Wars Complete Vehicles by Pablo Hidalgo and Jason Fry is updated and necessary and I want it.

Did I mention I want this book?

Anyway, the boilerplate states:

More than 100 magnificent cross-section artworks bring the vehicles of Star Wars to life. New cross-sections, amazing detail, and comprehensive text make this the ultimate reference to the craft of a galaxy far, far away….

– Poe Dameron’s X-wing in action
– The terrifying power of Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1
– Obi-Wan Kenobi’s fast and agile Jedi starfighter

– The inner workings of Rey’s speeder
– The advanced technology of the Rebel Alliance’s U-wing
– The devastating weaponry of the Death Star

– The famous corridors of the Millennium Falcon
– The brutal design of the Knights of Ren’s Night Buzzard 
– The mighty and fearsome Final Order Star Destroyer

Perfect for Star Wars fans of all ages, the Star Wars Complete Vehicles revised and updated edition for 2020 brings vehicles spanning the complete Star Wars saga to life.

Including technical read-outs, information for weapons, crew, manufacturer, and more this Star Wars book is the ideal gift for both adults and children.

Take a look, peeps.

Front cover. Image: DK Books.

Oh, and remember all the bantha poodoo regarding Boba Fett’s ship being renamed? Well. It looks like that was a social media creation.

Regardless, I am still hoping to see this book arrive at my “desert” dwelling this holiday season.

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