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Signs Point to TRON 3 Gearing up For Production Early in 2022! #FlynnLives?

No “End of Line” for Tron – signs point to a return to The Grid…

News on “Tron 3,” tentatively entitled TRON: Ares, has been quiet as of late; however, The DisInsider gathered some information that leads us to believe that the film could be gearing up to start production in early 2022.

The original TRON film and its sequel, TRON: Legacy, used Flynn’s Arcade (with the iconic neon sign in Culver City, California, known as “The Hull Building”) as its backdrop. After filming on the sequel, most recently, the building housed a garage door company called A1 Garage Doors & Gates.

Well, thanks to recent photos we’ve obtained, the Flynn’s Arcade awning and facade have returned. Now, with a new, modern look.

While we can’t yet point to an official production start, the new look of Flynn’s Arcade is a sign that work on the film could start sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, there’ve been ongoing whispers that a TRON Disney+ series is in the works.

While we’ve heard the same, from what The DisInsider’s been told, at this point, TRON: Ares is an entirely different project and is far ahead in development.

Moreover, Garth Davis (Lion) is set to direct with Jared Leto (Zack Snyder’s Justice League) on board to star.

Last we heard on the project was that Disney was looking for a young Asian actress to co-star; the name we had heard thrown around was Mulan herself, Liu Yifei. As of this post, it is unknown if things have changed.

Jesse Wigutow (It Runs in the Family) has written the most recent script draft.

The original 1982 version of the film, starring Jeff Bridges, eventually earned a cult following; it was not a box office smash. Its 2010 sequel was similarly met with mixed reception (and reviews).

Despite bringing back Bridges, TRON: Legacy didn’t seem to resonate with critics, many stating the film and its characters lacked emotion and substance. However, the film was financially profitable for Disney, and, like its progenitor, it too has gained its own following.

Moreover, along a different path, the animated series TRON: Uprising, starring Elijah Wood as the voice of Beck, Tron’s protege (with Bruce Boxleitner reprising his titular role from the original film) also boasts a following. Of course, there’s also a roller coaster named “TRON Lightcycle Power Run” coming to Disney World soon (?).

Using the hashtag #FlynnLives, fans have been clamoring for another film. We’re here to tell you, “Don’t worry, programs… you’ll get one.”

Finally, it is unclear if Jeff Bridges, Garett Hedlund, or Olivia Wilde (or any other characters from TRON Legacy ) will return for the upcoming Tron film.

Check back for more updates on this project as we get them.

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