Norman Reedus Really Wants To Be The MCU’s New Ghost Rider (And He Might Be)

Earlier this week, Norman Reedus began trending after rumors of him being cast as Marvel’s next Ghost Rider began to make the rounds. However, these rumors weren’t started by a credible website or even a scooper. Instead, they were fueled by the actions of Reedus himself.

It started on Twitter when several users began to notice The Walking Dead actor liking numerous posts from people begging for the studio to cast him, as well as eventual fan-art of him as the character.

Later he also tweeted a link to an Instagram post and account that suggested the role was already his. Simultaneously, the site Giant Freakin Robot posted an unconfirmed report insisting that Reedus is Marvel’s primary choice for the character.

As of this time, absolutely nothing is confirmed. And Reedus has not taken down any of his posts or un-liked any of the posts from fans.

Now, there is a good chance Reedus is trolling us. Conversely he could just be unapologetically manifesting his desire to play the character. There’s also a possibility he’s actually already gotten the role, doesn’t care, and is being completely transparent in the hopes that his overconfidence will totally trick fans into disregarding him entirely.

The actor’s real life penchant for motorcycles and history riding them on The Walking Dead almost makes him a shoo-in to play Johnny Blaze, although Robbie Reyes really seemed to strike a chord with fans on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so it’s unclear which direction Marvel might go when they reintroduce the character.

Interestingly enough, Gabriel Luna, the actor who played Reyes on AOS recently also expressed interest in returning to the role.

We already know that Marvel has plans to resurrect the character in some capacity. There are even rumors that he might appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Unfortunately, we won’t know until Marvel confirms it themselves…or until the character has an awesome surprise cameo in the latter.

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