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Star Wars Returns to Dark Horse Comics in Surprise Deal!

Star Wars comics go as far back as the release of the first movie, but it wouldn’t be until 1991 when Dark Horse would begin their successful reign.

Dark Horse produced a long line of stories set across the Star Wars Galaxy, from adaptations of the films, animated series, and games to original tales and alternate universe stories.

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Dark Horse helped keep the spotlight on the franchise, which hadn’t had a new feature film in nearly ten years. But their success would soon come to an end. Following their 2009 acquisition of Lucasfilm, Disney would eventually announce that comic book rights would revert to Marvel Comics in 2015.

Star Wars: Infinities published by Dark Horse Comics (2002-2004)

Marvel, who had been the original publisher of the Star Wars comics line from 1977-1987, would create multiple series set in a new timeline that rebranded nearly all of the Dark Horse comics as non-canon Legend stories.

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In a surprise announcement, Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Publishing will collaborate with Dark Horse Comics to create a new lineup of all-ages comics and graphic novels that will span every Star Wars era.

The idea is to build up a Star Wars program that includes an on-going series as well as an anthology. Mixed in would be one-shots and specials. We’ll see where we go from there. Initially, we will focus on stories featuring the High Republic.

Mike Richardson, Dark Horse Comics founder and CEO.

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Marvel Comics will continue to publish their line of Star Wars comics alongside Dark Horse, who will begin releasing their new adventures in the spring of 2022.

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