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Star Wars Leak or Not: Knights of Ren Looks Cool

Star Wars, Knights of Ren

Star Wars, Knights of Ren

And if it is “true”, what is it, exactly?

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Okay, okay. I have been watching this one for a couple of days and now think it’s time to post about it.

That said, it’s Forbes’ senior contributor Erik Kain’s piece that put me over the top.

You see, recently a trailer (or something) hit the webs depicting a… Wait. Is this a spoiler?


So, if you are Star Wars spoiler averse, click away:





Still here? Good.

What Am I Looking At Here?

The point here is that a video clip of a black-clad figure wielding a lightsaber and jumping out of a tie fighter and onto the back of an X-wing is out there.

And Kain, again of Forbes, wrote:

The Knights of Ren: A formidable bunch. Image: Lucasfilm

A new leaked trailer—grainy and obviously filmed on someone’s monitor—indicates that whatever it is will be called Knights Of Ren: A Star Wars Story. The presence of a Disney Plus logo suggests this could be a new Star Wars show, but it could also be an original movie on the service… Whatever it is, it looks really terrific, even with the shaky footage. The animation and effects look legit, and I’d be very surprised if this were a fake. If it is, it’s an awfully elaborate fake.

Moreover, another Star Wars-watcher captured my sentiments (save one):

What Do YOU Think?

However, one thing does give me pause (and a reason to rate this 51% fake). The trailer is still up on YouTube.

But you be the judge. Feel free to weigh in via the comments or Twitter.

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