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Could Jude Law be Joining a Mystery Star Wars Project?

Disney+ is gearing up to start production on multiple Star Wars projects over the course of the next 3 months with Ahsoka (April), The Acolyte (May), and a High Republic-based series (June). While information has been kept under wraps on these projects, a big-name actor could be circling to join.

According to the popular gossip outlet DeuxMoi, they shared one of their ‘blind items’, which leaves out names and specifics for followers to work out. The post read, “a prime British early-2000’s film stud is adding to his recent nerdgasm resume (Marvel, Wizarding World). Recently cast in an unannounced Star Wars extended universe Disney+ show.” Followers quickly deciphered that the actor in question is Jude Law given his recent appearances in Captain Marvel and Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

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It should be noted that Deuxmoi takes and shares gossip and tips from users. The outlet isn’t always sharing accurate information but that is not to say they have not gotten anything right. The information they share is 50/50 in terms of accuracy. So take the information with a massive grain of salt.

Now, let’s say this turns out to be accurate, what project could Law be joining? The most logical guess would be the mysterious High Republic series Grammar Rodeo (working title), which is currently in pre-production. That has Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts circling to direct. The project has been described by Cinelinx as being “Stranger Things in Space” and set during the High Republic Era. The story could then focus on Jedi padawans and their master during the days of the High Republic. The Illuminerdi recently added that Grammar Rodeo was looking to cast a male in his 30s to 40s for an unknown role. Jude Law is 49 years old, which is slightly older but still possible.

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