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Spider-Man Animatronic Crashes Into Building at Avengers Campus

The swinging Spider-Man animatronic, which can be seen at Avenger Campus at the Disneyland Resort, had an unplanned malfunction on Wednesday.

In a video posted to social media, the high-tech Stuntronics robot that performs Spider-Man graciously web-slinging seems, in the footage, to be off course, rigid and swinging listlessly. As the robot crashes into the side of the WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure attraction. The feat is supposed to have Spider-Man land on top of the WEB SLINGERS building. For the performance, no one besides the stunt robot is ever in any danger of being hurt, and that was the case yesterday, according to Disney officials.

Luckily the stunt has audio equipped and ready for any possible accidents and/or malfunctions. Just after impact, the voice is heard to say, “The Web facility is not equipped with airbags,” and Peter Parker’s peppy voice responds, “Ok.” You can check out the crazy video below.

Shockingly, guests in attendance got a kick out of the mishap and a Disney spokesperson stated it added to the entertainment value, “As with any flight, there can be some bumps along the way, but Spider-Man was back in action in time for his afternoon adventures in Avengers Campus!”

A couple of hours after the incident, Disney already has a construction crew on-site to repair the building, while Spider-Man was back to swinging again. Another visitor uploaded a photo of a workman fixing the damage writing, “But this is what happens when Spider-Man hits the wall. It breaks away!”

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