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Samuel L. Jackson Potentially Filming Scenes For Marvel’s ‘Ironheart’

Earlier today, Samuel L. Jackson made headlines for teasing his desire to return to the Star Wars franchise. However, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s still heavily involved in another popular Disney-owned film series.

Since making his debut as Nick Fury in Iron Man over a decade ago, the titan has become the most recurring actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With appearances in exactly 10 films in the franchise so far, it seems as if both Jackson and Fury are still just getting started.

It’s no secret that the actor will headline the highly anticipated Secret Invasion series next, or that he’ll have an important role in the Captain Marvel sequel either. While the jury is still out on whether he filmed a cameo for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, it appears that fans might also get to see him in…Ironheart!

Earlier today, Jackson posted several photos to his Instagram story indicating that he was filming scenes as Nick Fury. Now, Jackson doesn’t flat out confirm what Marvel project he’s shooting scenes for; however, because Ironheart is just beginning production it just makes the most sense.

Because IG stories disappear, we’ll share the photos here courtesy of the Twitter account Ironheart News.

It should also be said that the series’ director Angela Barnes recently followed Jackson on Instagram. Although that sounds like a major conclusion to make off of such a small gesture, in the past, directors following actors – and even actors following actors – on social media platforms has been a strong indicator that they are working on something together.

There is a chance that we may not find out about Jackson’s involvement in the series until D23, or even until it premieres next year. It’s also possible Jackson is filming something else entirely.

We’ll continue to do our own digging until the truth comes to light.

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