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D23 To Kick Off Disney’s 100th Anniversary Celebration, New Parks App Feature To Debut

It’s finally happening. After plenty of planning – and arguably even more anticipation – The Walt Disney is aiming to kick off its 100th Anniversary Celebration this fall.

More specifically, the celebration will begin on Friday, September 9th at 10:30AM. It’s no coincidence that also happens to be the exact same time the D23 Expo starts. The celebration is officially dubbed Disney100, and it will begin with a “epic” presentation that will include the Disney Legends Awards Ceremony.

The company made the official announcement Friday afternoon.

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Additionally, DisneyMe, a brand digital experience for park attendees will launch. As the name implies, users will be able to create their very own digital avatars via the Play Disney Parks app. Universal users are invited to “express their Disney style” by creating unique avatars. Onsite attendees will get be invited to an exclusive quest that will reward them with one-of-a-kind digital D23 merch.

More details will become available about the feature, as well as the Expo, as the event approaches.

Despite several major announcements made at last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, we expect a slew of news to break over the course of D23. If you’re curious to see what we believe will be announced, you can check out our predictions here.

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