John Boyega On Why ‘Duel of the Fates’ Is The Best ‘Star Wars’ Film Never Made

Just last week, John Boyega made headlines after he stated that he was done with the Star Wars franchise. This week, he’s making headlines for yet another comment about he’s made about the franchise. However, this time, it’s about the one film in the sequel trilogy that never saw the light of day.

It’s no secret that Colin Trevorrow’s vision for Episode IX was disliked by Lucasfilm. The director did leave the project due to creative differences after all. But to John Boyega, Trevorrow’s film – which was dubbed Duel of the Fates – was the trilogy’s perfect ending. And in an interview with Josh Horrowitz on Happy Sad Confused, the actor explained why.

“I had a sit down with Colin, and and I gotta tell you that was one of the best ‘Star Wars’ meetings I’ve ever had,” Boyega said. “It felt like two nerds who were like, ‘Yes! That’s what we want to see!’”

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Boyega confessed that he has never actually read the script for the unreleased film, despite it leaking online a few years ago. Still, he admired the direction Finn was headed and how the original final film would have capped his character’s arc.

He said, “I can’t read that one because I’d be heartbroken.”

In addition to continuing Rey’s journey as a Jedi, the film would have also seen Finn and Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) lead a Stormtrooper rebellion. That, on the other hand, was something Boyega did at least get a chance to see before the project evolved into The Rise of Skywalker.

“I saw the [concept] art,” Boyega said. “Stormtrooper rebellion…that stuff was cool.”

He added that he would love to see Trevorrow return in some capacity in the future. That is, if Lucasfilm and him can put their creative differences aside. Trevorrow would go on to direct the final entry in the Jurassic World trilogy instead. While the film grossed nearly $1 billion dollars at the box office, it’s unclear what the director will do next. If he’s got someone as talented as Boyega in his corner, the sky’s the limit.

SOURCE: Happy Sad Confused

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