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Rumor of the Week: Lilo & Stitch 

We should note, that the “Rumor of the Week” segment is a part of our official podcast The DisInsider Show and while we are on hiatus, we are sharing the info here. We share rumors we hear but that is what they are and only that. However, we have been spot on in the past (many times) such as The Santa Clause series, Tron, and more! Enjoy the rumor and happy holidays!

One of Disney’s most heavily anticipated live action films is Lilo & Stitch. The original animated feature released in 2002 and was an absolute hit, and director Dean Fleischer Camp (Marcel the Shell with Shoes On) will be bringing this heartwarming story to live action. Following films like Pinocchio and Lady and the Tramp, Lilo & Stitch will be a Disney+ original film, something we exclusively reported on back in 2020.

With filming expected to begin in February 2023, production on Lilo & Stitch is ramping up. Casting is currently underway, and we have details on the different roles courtesy of Knight Edge Media.

Disney is currently casting for the roles of Lilo, Nani, Tutu, Mrs. Kokea, and David. Fans of the original film will easily recognize Lilo, Nani, and David however, Tutu and Mrs. Kokea are new characters created for this live action interpretation. Tutu will be an elderly neighbor of the Pelekai’s who understand their struggles as she has known the girls for years. More controversially, Mrs. Kokea will replace Mr. Bubble’s role from the original film, as a social worker who checks on Nani and Lilo. It is currently unknown if Mr. Bubbles will be making an appearance in the film or if his role has been completely removed.


While casting is ongoing, we have heard that the role of Nani has already been cast. We are hearing Moana star Auli’i Cravalho is Disney’s choice for the role. While we can not confirmed that she has signed, we hear the studio has the role in mind for her, and has already met with director Dean Fleischer Camp. If what we are hearing is true, it would be no surprise, as Cravalho is a Disney favorite. She played the aforementioned Moana in the 2016 Disney Animation Studios film and reprised her role in 2018’s Ralph Breaks The Internet. She will next star in Darby and the Dead, debuting on the Disney-owned Hulu on December 2, 2022.

So what do you think of Auli’i Cravalho potentially playing Nani in the live action Lilo & Stitch remake? Let us know down below and stay tuned for future Rumors of the Week!

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