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All The Disney And Disney•Pixar Films Nominated For Golden Globes

The Golden Globe nominations have been released and Disney and Disney•Pixar have gotten their fair share of films! As we know, most of the films nominated either get Oscar nominations or at least come really close. So here’s to hoping there are some Disney films in that’s Best Picture slot!


Black Panther has been pushing for an Oscar run for a while now and it seems to be becoming more and more of a reality. The film is nominated for Best Picture, Best Original Song (All the Stars) and Best Original Score (Ludwig Göransson) Black Panther is the first superhero movie to be nominated for Best Picture, so let’s bring Marvel home a Golden Globe!


The upcoming Mary Poppins film has been getting a lot of praise and Emily Blunt herself is getting a lot of recognition as the title character. The film is nominated for Best Picture, Best Actress (Emily Blunt), Best Actor (Lin-Manuel Miranda) and Best Original Score (Marc Shaiman). Looks like it will be Black Panther and Mary Poppins going at it! They’re both Disney so I’m sure they’ll be happy with either winning.


The sequel to the classic Incredibles film gets nominated for Best Animated Feature! Disney•Pixar really knew what they were doing with this film and made a great sequel!


Ralph Breaks The Interent gets nominated for Best Animated Feature. Well all knew this was coming. The sequel is currently sitting at an 88% Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and so far has grossed 119.1M.

We here at The Dis Insider are thrilled to have these films represent the Disney/Pixar company and hopefully they get some awards to take home!


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