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How Disney’s Real Lightsaber Works

The internet went into a confused frenzy when reports of Disney Parks President Josh D’Amaro showed off what is being called a “real lightsaber” during “A Special Look Inside Disney Parks” press conference. As of now, images and video of what D’Amaro is not out there for the public to see, as those in attendance were told not to take photos or videos. However, thanks to VR/AR/Web developer Ben Ridout on Twitter, we now have a better understanding of how this technology works.

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Though the lightsabers currently offered at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge have proven to be a huge hit with fans, Disney is always looking to innovate and help create new technologies of tomorrow. A patent filed by the company in 2017 reveals that this has been in the works for some time. Though officially called a “sword device with retractable, internally illuminated blade”, the description makes it clear that it is indeed a lightsaber.

The lightsaber is the weapon of a Jedi, an elegant weapon of a more civilized age. It can be used to cut through blast doors or enemies alike. Using the Force, a Jedi can predict and deflect incoming blaster bolts, and reflect them. 

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