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Avengers Campus Merchandise Revealed

Disney is just weeks away from opening its first-ever Marvel-themed land in the form of Avengers Campus, and with its June 4th opening just a few weeks away, Disney has revealed a slew of new merchandising exclusive to the land.

The WEB Power Bands aren’t only a new set of slick web slingers but an accessory that will enhance your experience on the new WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure attraction. The new Spidey ride will have guests wear 3D glasses. Through innovative technology, the attraction will recognise the body movements and gestures of riders, creating the illusion that they are slinging webs like Spider-Man. With the WEB Power Bands, guests will be able to unlock multi-shoot so they can take down more than one target at once.

In addition to the WEB Power Bands are the WEB Tech add-ons, which will allow guests to customise their ride experience. The Tech comes in four styles, each one inspired by a different superhero. The Spider-Man and Ghost Spider will allow you to use electro-dynamic webbing, and the Iron Man and Rescue tech will allow you to use repulsor blasts.

Both WEB Tech add-ons not only can be used on the Spider-Man attraction but at home too as the Spider-Man and Ghost Spider Tech will include an ejecting and retracting web, while the Iron Man and Rescue Tech will be able to light up and blast air.

The Spider-Bots are sure to be a big hit with those who enjoyed the customisable droids in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. These little critters will be remote-controllable and come with combat and defensive abilities, allowing guests to have their own Spider-Bot battles. The Spider-Bots can receive tactical upgrades that not only enhance their abilities but will change their exterior style, each style inspired by a different Marvel superhero, including Black Panther, Black Widow, Iron Man, and Ant-Man and The Wasp – and Disney has teased more styles are already on the way!

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The Spider-Man goggles and authentic web-shooters (each sold seperatly).

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man suit is unique compared to the other live-action versions we’ve had because its eyes can move to express emotion, just like in the comics. Disney has emulated this effect with the new Spider-Man goggles, which come to life with 17 unique digital expressions. You can complete the look with a pair of web-shooters that can light up, make sounds, and even be displayed once you’ve taken them home.

Funko has designed two new Disneyland exclusive Marvel Pop Vinyls! The Spider-Man Pop features him in mid-swing and catching one of those troublesome Spider-Bots, as well as a new Iron Man figure.

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No major E-Ticket attraction is complete without its very own gift shop! WEB Suppliers will have everything you need to complete your Spider-Man look, from shirts and mugs to the Spider-Bot backpack. Whether you’re chilling out in Avengers Campus or exploring the rest of Disney’s California Adventure, the new WEB backpack is perfect for storing your little Spider-Bot as it comes complete with an exterior special web-mesh, so not only can you keep it safe but show it off too!

And finally, for your Avengers-themed merchandise, guests will be able to head over to Campus Supply Pod. Inside the pod will be a wide variety of Avengers goodies for fans to purchase.

Avenger’s Campus opens at Disney’s California Adventure on June 4th, 2021 and will also be opening at Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris later this year.

Are you saved-up and ready to splurge on any of these cool new goodies? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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