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Report Adds Alex Lawther to Andor on Disney+

August 9, 2021John Bishop

The End of the F***ing World lead Lawther reportedly joins Rogue One prequel series on Disney+….

Is the drought over? The dearth of news about, well, anything live-action Star Wars reminds one of wind-swept, desolate Tatooine in its breadth.

However, The Direct stands ready to fill the void.

Today, the outlet posted news regarding Disney Plus’ Andor series; The End of the F***ing World actor Alex Lawther will join the “Star Wars” galaxy.

Alex Lawther Makes The Jump

The Direct’s Andrew Gilman posted:

Alex Lawther. Image: GQ.

The Direct can exclusively report that actor Alex Lawther will play a supporting role in Star Wars: Andor. Lawther, known for his leading role in The End of the F***ing World, is the latest to join Diego Luna in the Rogue One prequel.

  • Additional details regarding Lawther’s character and prominence in the series are currently unknown.
  • Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to confirm Lawther’s rumored role.

Joining Cassian, Melshi, and Mon Mothma

Image: Lucasfilm

In terms of speculation, The Direct ran the gamut of characterizations for Lawther. Rebel, Imperial, spy?

However, many of the actors connected to Andor — Diego Luna (Cassian Andor), Duncan Pow (Ruescott Melshi), and Genevieve O’Reilly (Mon Mothma) excluded — are just rumored or completely unknown as to their roles. And the same is true of Lawther.

That said, given Alex’s chops, one wonder’s what kind of juicy role is coming the young actor’s way.

Finally, while rumors about the plotline exist, and are bolstered by previously leaked pics and video, we only really know that the series will be a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The series will tell the story of Cassian Andor prior to his meeting Jyn Erso at the beginning of the first Star Wars anthology film.

However, Andor himself — Diego Luna — gave us a sneak peek:

Keep it here on TheDisInsider for every detail dropping out of the Star Wars universe.

John Bishop

A graduate of Boston U. and Northeastern University, John Bishop, became the beat reporter for BostonBruins.com before the Boston Bruins 2006-07 NHL hockey season. While with the Black & Gold, “^BISH” traveled North America and Europe to cover the team's every move via laptop, blog, and smartphone. The co-author of two books, "Bygone Boston" and "Full 60 to History: The Inside Story of the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins," John also covered the XXI Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver in 2010 and the Bs 2011 Stanley Cup championship run and banner raising before taking a faculty/communications position at a prep school outside Boston in 2013. He lives with his wife Andrea, and sons Jack, Scott, and Luke, in central Massachusetts.


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    Report Adds Alex Lawther to Andor on Disney+

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