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‘Hocus Pocus’ Composer John Debney Returning For Sequel

For those enjoyed the score for Hocus Pocus are in luck. The films original composer John Debney is returning to score the long-in-development sequel, which starts filming next week.

John Debney is no stranger to scoring hit Disney films, his resume at the house of mouse include The Emperors New Groove, The Princess Diaries’ movies, Chicken Little, The Jungle Book, The Mighty Ducks: Gamchangers. Up next for the composer is the upcoming Home Alone reboot Home Sweet Home Alone.

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Hocus Pocus 2 will revolve around an aspiring witch named Becca. A teenager with few friends, Becca accidentally summons back the Sanderson Sisters on Halloween after finding a dark flame candle at the local magic shop- also the Sanderson Sisters’ former home. The character of Becca is joined by two of her classmates, Izzy and Cassie, an “oddball” and a popular girl who also happens to be Becca’s bully. Other characters include Giles the magic shop owner and Sam who is a fellow classmate, a worker at the shop, and a potential romantic interest. Lastly, the film will feature Luann, Becca’s stepmother whom she dislikes.

Hocus Pocus 2 will see the return of all three Sanderson sisters, with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy reprising their roles as Winifred, Sarah, and Mary, respectively. Thora Birch has also teased her involvement in the project. Directed by Anne Fletcher, the script was been written by Jen D’Angelo of Workaholics fame. It will debut exclusively on Disney+, likely in fall 2022.

Released in 1993 and directed by Kenny Ortega (The Descendants franchise), the original Hocus Pocus focuses on three witches that were accidentally resurrected by a teenage boy in Salem, Massachusetts. Together with his sister, the teenage Max Dennison has to try to steal the witch’s book of spells and stop them from becoming immortal. The film also starred Omri Katz as Max, Thora Birch as Dani, Vanessa Shaw as Allison, Jason Marsden as the voice of Binx, and Doug Jones as Billy.

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