‘Daredevil’ and ‘The Punisher’ Writers Reportedly Join Marvel Studios’ ‘Echo’

Maya Lopez aka Echo in Hawkeye is set to headline her own Disney+ series fittingly titled Echo. The series, which had been long rumored, was confirmed by the studios during last November’s Disney+ Day event. Alaqua Cox returns as the titular character.

For those who followed Echo’s comic book run and watched the Hawkeye finale know that Maya Lopez has a long history with Kingpin and in the comics teamed up with Daredevil. Both Kingpin and Matt Murdock aka Daredevil have made the jump to the MCU and are expected to debut in upcoming projects.

Now, According to The Illuminerdi, Ken Kristensen and Dara Resnik, who both worked on Netflix Marvel projects, have joined Etan Cohen and Emily Cohen as writers on Echo. Ken Kristensen wrote three episodes of The Punisher, and Dara Resnik wrote two episodes of Daredevil.

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The news makes sense as there are rumors that Echo could serve as a soft reboot to the Daredevil character and ultimately lead to his own Disney+ series. Here is what one industry insider says on this, “There is a plan to give Daredevil his own project again down the line with Cox but for now the Echo show will serve as sort of Daredevil season 4 with most of the main cast of Daredevil returning. To be clear this is still very much Echo’s show. When I say it’s gonna feel like season 4 of Daredevil It’s because we’ll get to see all these characters from that show coming back and play big parts in it. BUT Echo is still the lead and it’s her show. Also, another thing that is important to note is the characters will be somewhat soft rebooted into the MCU but will still have a history with one another. So they’ll look somewhat different with a bit of different backgrounds but still played by the same actors.”

Maya Lopez, aka Echo, is a deaf Native American (like Alaqua Cox who plays her) character who can exactly replicate the movements of another person in battle. She first appeared alongside Daredevil in a comic strip from 1999. As of now, there is no confirmed premiere date for Echo, but production on the series is expected to begin in the next few weeks.

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