Despite Rumors From Trades of His Return Chris Evans Says “Sam Wilson is Captain America”

Yesterday, we finally received a new update for Captain America 4, which will star Anthony Mackie as the titular hero. Julius Onah (Cloverfield Paradox) signed on to direct. Though, there has been some confusion in regards to Chris Evans.

In The Hollywood Reporter‘s piece yesterday, they state “it is unclear whether Chris Evans would reprise his role of Steve Rogers, AKA the first Captain America (although if the question of who is entitled to carry shield continues to be posed, all bets are off. Plus, having stacked casts in solo movie outings is a main Marvel ingredient at this point.)” Also, last year, Deadline revealed that Chris Evans, who famously portrayed Captain America, will return to the MCU in his respective role.

Chris Evan took to Twitter to let everyone know that the Captain America who lead the new film is Sam Wilson.

While it is not specifically stated, Steve Rogers is not seen or heard of in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, leading many to believe he has passed on. Sam and Bucky Barnes only ever say hes “gone”. Captain America 4 is a follow up to the series, so Chris Evans returning as Captain America just doesnt make any sense unless they do a multiverse scenario, which just feels like lazy writing, but we will have to wait and see when the movie hits theaters in the future.

Malcolm Spellman, who was the head writer and showrunner for the hit series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, will be coming back to write the fourth installment of the franchise. Dalan Musson, a staff writer, will co-write the film with Spellman. It is unknown at this time if Bucky Barnes, John Walker aka US Agent, or Joaquin Torres aka the new Falcon will return for the film.

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