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‘Armor Wars’ Head Writer Posts About Series After Marvel Provides No Update At Comic-Con

Marvel Studios gave fans a lot of exciting news to sit on during its panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Despite updates on several previously announced projects and announcements of several new ones, there was one show notably missing from the lineup: Armor Wars.

Since being first announced at 2020’s Disney Investor Day, there have been little to no updates about the project. While there was still no update at Saturday’s panel, the series’ head writer took to Instagram to quell any doubt fans might have about the show’s future.

“I promise it is still coming out,” Yassir Lester posted in an Instagram story.

Unfortunately, they did not share any other details, but fans seemed content with this response. Over on Reddit, several fans expressed how it made sense for the show to still be on the back-burner.

“I think they prioritized it to fast-track other shows, like Agatha and Echo,” one user wrote.

Another user pondered whether the delay could have to do with the potential introduction of Doctor Doom in the the MCU. The character does have a history of being a tech genius. That would make him a serious threat in a series literally called Armor Wars.

Make no mistake. Don Cheadle’s Rhodey will return sooner rather than later. As confirmed by Discussing Film, the character will appear in the upcoming Secret Invasion series. Whether or not it’s the real Rhodey or Skrull remains to be seen.

There is a possibility we’ll get a status update on the show at D23 in Septembe so, at the very least, fans should hold off on any worry or disappointment until then.

SOURCE: IG, DiscussingFilm

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