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How To Host Your Very Own ‘Elemental’ Movie Night

What is one way you can get the most out of your Disney+ subscription? The answer is to have your very own family movie night premieres!  

The latest animated Disney and Pixar film, Elemental, is finally available to stream on Disney+ this week. To celebrate the occasion we wanted to create a guide for fans – and especially parents of little ones – to host their very own watch party modeled after the film.

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STEP 1: Setting the Scene

Make the most of your space! Grab some of the comfiest blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals in your household and head to your living/family room. If you haven’t had dinner, you can make dinner part of the experience. If you don’t want to host your event so late in the day, be sure to close those blinds and keep all the light out of your space to create that perfect movie theater feel. 

You can even make the experience more magical by creating/using fake movie tickets to enter the “theater.” Linked below you will find FREE printable and editable movie tickets via Canva. Print one that is already made or customize it further to fit your needs.  If you have more than one child, they can even role play and collect the ticket(s) for the family. 

Link for FREE printable movie ticket: https://www.canva.com/tickets/templates/movie/

STEP 2: Making A Menu

Take an at home movie night to the next level with a menu inspired by the movie! Here are some yummy ideas modeled after the characters in the movie to take your Elemental movie night to the next level!

For Ember, who represents the element of fire, there’s no hotter menu item than a wood fire pizza! Now, obviously, most people don’t have wood fire pizza ovens – if you do though, go for it! A more budget-friendly option is to either order out, buy a frozen pizza, or just make your own. Regardless of what you choose to do, the most important thing is to eat it while it’s still a little hot.

For Wade, our aquatic amigo, water will suffice. But if you want to excite the kids, you can jazz it up with some flavor packets to make them more vibrant. If flavor packets are not your thing, fruit-flavored waters are a fun way to bring Wade to the menu too! You can also give the kids some of those popular “Fla-Vor-Ice” pops they always have on sale at the local supermarket.

What better way to celebrate our friend Clod than by making dirt pudding? This is a fun and simple recipe. You can start by crumbling cookies on the bottom of any pan or serving cup. Then throw some pudding, yogurt, jello, etc on the crumbs. Top it all with some more crumbs or “dirt” and BAM! You’ve got yourself some authentic looking dirt pudding! Kids will absolutely love this, but let’s be real, it’s so sweet that adults will also enjoy it too! The only extra instruction we have to offer for this particular menu item is that you should definitely eat this after the pizza. Your digestive tract will thank us later…

Lastly, if you’re looking to make something to represent wind, you can’t beat some air-popped popcorn. For kids, if you are worried about any potential choking hazard, Frito Lay makes a wonderful alternative called Chester’s Puff Corn. Most grocery stores also have their own knock-off versions. Depending on the age of the children involved, you may just want to resort to baby puffs. Alternatively, if your party consists entirely of adults, you can turn on the air fryer and pop in a bunch of finger foods.

STEP 3: Interactive Activities

Sometimes the best part of an at home movie night is the ability to pause and take breaks. If you find the little ones to be particularly restless, or if you need a break, or if you just want a post-movie activity, see the link below for some FREE movie-related coloring pages:


Remember, it only takes a little bit of magic to make the most of your Disney+ subscription!

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