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Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Franchise Impact Across Industries

September 26, 2023Skyler Shuler

Disney’s Frozen franchise, which made its debut in 2013, has proven to be a monumental success, consistently redefining the boundaries of the film industry, revolutionizing the Disney parks experience, and cementing its place in pop culture history. We dive into why that is and what’s next for the still-fresh IP.

A Box Office Blizzard:

Frozen, directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, thawed the hearts of audiences worldwide upon its release. The film’s powerhouse duo, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, voiced by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel respectively, instantly became cultural icons. The original Frozen became a phenomenon, grossing over $1.27 billion at the global box office and making it one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time. Its success paved the way for the franchise’s expansion.

Sequel Success:

In 2019, Disney released Frozen II, a highly anticipated follow-up that continued the enchanting story of Anna and Elsa. The sequel, once again helmed by Buck and Lee, exceeded expectations, grossing over $1.45 billion worldwide. Frozen II’s soundtrack, featuring the unforgettable “Into the Unknown,” resonated with audiences, and the film’s exploration of complex themes elevated the storytelling, proving that animated films can appeal to all age groups.

Impact on the Film Industry:

The Frozen franchise has set new standards for animated storytelling. Its success prompted Disney and other studios to invest in more diverse, female-driven narratives, as well as exploring deeper emotional and thematic layers in animated films. Frozen‘s success also showcased the potential for creating multimedia franchises around animated properties, an approach Disney has since replicated with movies like Moana and Tangled.

Takeover at Disney Parks:

The popularity of Frozen has extended beyond the silver screen. Disney theme parks around the world have embraced the Frozen phenomenon. “Frozen Ever After,” a boat ride in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot in Florida, and “Frozen – Live at the Hyperion,” a theatrical production at Disney California Adventure, are just a couple of the attractions that have immersed guests in the world of Arendelle. These experiences have reinvigorated attendance at Disney parks and inspired a new generation of Disney enthusiasts.

Infiltrating Pop Culture:

Frozen’s impact on pop culture is undeniable. The film’s songs, including “Let It Go,” “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” and “Love Is an Open Door,” have become anthems, transcending the movie and appearing in countless viral videos, parodies, and school performances. The characters’ merchandise, from Elsa dresses to Olaf plush toys, continue to fly off the shelves. Frozen-themed birthday parties and Halloween costumes are a staple in households across the globe.

The Future of Frozen:

Disney shows no signs of letting the Frozen franchise go anytime soon. A third film is currently in the works, as well as a sequel podcast, new spin-off shorts, merchandise, and a new land coming to Hong Kong Disneyland. The franchise’s ability to evolve while staying true to its core message of love, family, and self-discovery ensures that it will remain a prominent part of Disney’s legacy for generations to come.

In the heart of entertainment, Disney’s Frozen franchise has solidified its place as an industry powerhouse, shaping the future of animation, theme park experiences, and pop culture itself. As we continue to be enchanted by Elsa’s icy magic, it is clear that the Frozen phenomenon is far from thawing.


Skyler Shuler

In 2013, Skyler Shuler wanted to share his knowledge of Disney films and the magic behind the scenes. So, he created the Instagram account Disney Film Facts and the page quickly garnered a following. Soon after a Twitter was created, and not long after that DisneyFilmFacts.com was born. The page has been lucky enough to garner a wonderful following of such amazing Disney and movie fans, as well as been sourced in some of the biggest entertainment sites in the world. In 2018, the page was rebranded to The DisInsider, and the rest was history!


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    Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Franchise Impact Across Industries

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