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RUMOR: ‘The Marvels’ To Be Part Musical?

Since its inception, Marvel Studios has revolutionized the superhero genre. Not just by introducing (and perfectly executing) the concept of a shared cinematic universe, but by proving that not every superhero origin film has to be the same. Granted, not every film is in its catalogue is a gem and there are some beats and motifs that occasionally repeat themselves, but with each new hero or set of heroes introduced there’s always a conscious effort to integrate other genres.

For example, Ant-Man is a heist movie that just happens to involve a guy who shrink down to a microscopic size. Moon Knight is a globe-trotting love letter to Indiana Jones with a protagonist who is possessed by a God. The point is that Marvel is never afraid to take risks. At this stage in its existence, it honestly has nothing to lose so it can take much greater ones. And it looks like it might actually be about to take its greatest risk yet.

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What started as some silly rumblings on Twitter has actually snowballed into a pretty substantiated claim. Thursday evening Geeks Worldwide Editor-in-Chief KC Walsh took to the social media platform with the simple (and seemingly random) question: “Anyone else hearing that The Marvels has a ‘musical’ element to it?”

It was long before the mysterious scooper MyTimeToShineHello responded to Walsh’s question.

Industry insider Daniel RPK also eventually confirmed this tidbit on his Patreon account, while clarifying how exactly the musical element would work. He said that approximately a third of the film will be a musical, but only because there’s a planet that Brie Larson’s Marvel takes Kamala and Monica where everyone sings to each other rather than talking.

Now, it’s unclear if everyone is forced to sing or if it’s a local custom, but nevertheless it means that the film could see Brie Larson grace us with her vocals. The last time she sang for a major motion picture was in 2011’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. In the film she played the lead singer of The Clash at Demonhead named Envy Adams. In the years since, her cover of the song “Black Sheep” (by Metric) has become somewhat of a cult classic itself.

Now, there are some other details RPK teases about the upcoming sequel, but we won’t disclose them here because 1) You should support his Patreon, where he releases scoops on a regular basis and 2) The news has not been confirmed by a major trade or Marvel Studios, which is why we urge you to take it with a grain of salt.

Seeing as how having the film would be a pretty big secret itself, Marvel will probably remain mum until the film’s release next year.

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time a superhero film has made waves for flirting with the musical genre. Just last month it was revealed that Warner Bros.’ upcoming Joker sequel could be a musical too. While it’s unclear how the superhero and musical genres would work together, as mentioned earlier, it’s an exciting risk that Marvel can only stand to benefit from. Either everyone will love it or everyone will meme it. We’ll just have to wait until July 28, 2023 to see which way the internet goes.

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