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‘Daredevil: Born Again’ – New Plot Details Emerge, Second Season Confirmed

Production is well underway in New York City for Marvel’s upcoming Daredevil reboot Daredevil: Born Again. While most of the show’s details have been locked away in the depths of Hell’s Kitchen for the past few months, a new report has just been released confirming what so many had suspected about Wilson Fisk’s inevitable return.

Back in October industry insider Daniel RPK revealed that the series was casting members of a campaign team. He also reported that there were plans for the upcoming series to explore the popular Mayor Fisk storyline from the comics.

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More recently, however, our friends over at The Cosmic Circus have doubled down on this, citing several sources close to them. Keep in mind that Vincent D’Onofrio’s new and improved Wilson Fisk will at least appear in Echo in addition to Daredevil: Born Again. Not only does the site confirm that Fisk is expected to launch his political career in one of the upcoming shows, but that this arc will be followed across several different projects and that it will indirectly impact several other projects he will not appear in.

While the site couldn’t get concrete confirmation, they do say that Fisk’s new arc is expected to begin in Echo. They allege that the plan is to “mirror elements from [Marvel’s] Dark Reign storyline from the comics.”

As the name implies, the comic book arc follows Kingpin’s rise to power as the Mayor of New York City. When he becomes Mayor, however, he declares Daredevil public enemy number one. With all of the city’s police force either hunting him or guarding Kingpin, Matt Murdock is outnumbered…but not outsmarted.

The site also claims that the plan will be to slowly incorporate other street-level heroes in the fight against Fisk when he succeeds (because he will eventually succeed). This explains why Jon Bernthal’s Punisher is coming back, and this tells us that we might see Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop a lot sooner than later. These events may even carry over to the events of the next Spider-Man film, but that’s just pure speculation.

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All that said, it’s obvious that the 18-episode series will only just begin to scratch the surface of the rivalry between Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk. While the show has yet to even receive a release date, in a recent interview with Newsweek D’Onofrio was already eager to tease a second season.

“By the second season, there are gigantic, gigantic payoffs,” he said. “In the first season, [there are] too, but I can’t say much about that—but the fans are gonna really get what they want. It’s really quite cool to be doing it.”

He added that fans should expect something totally different from the previous version done by Netflix, describing it as “deeply emotional.”

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Most recently it was revealed that some episodes of the series would be directed by Michael Cuesta (Six Feet Under, Dexter).

In addition to Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Jon Bernthal, other cast members for the series include Michael Gandolfini, Colin Woodell, Margarita Levieva, Sandrine Holt, and Nikki M. James.

The series is expected to debut exclusively on Disney+ sometime next year.

Despite the small wait, fans can still rewatch the original 3 seasons of the character’s live-action series, as well as his soft rebooted self in the latest Marvel series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, right on Disney+ now.

SOURCES: The Cosmic Circus, Newsweek

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