What’s The Best Style for Disney’s Live-Action Remakes?

There’s been a lot of discourse over Disney’s live action remakes lately. Who should be cast in them? How close should they be to the original? Why are they even being made in the first place? (The $1.3 billion and counting this summer’s The Lion King answers that last question pretty nicely.) With so many opinions on what should be remade and what the approach to the adaptation should be, let’s take a look at the three typical styles of Disney remakes.

Is a live-action Return of Jafar in the works?

Disney is reportedly working on a follow-up film to Guy Ritchie’s live-action Aladdin remake. At this stage, the alleged project is just being called Aladdin 2, but according to We Got This Covered, the plot closely resembles that of the cult-classic Return of Jafar – the 1994  direct-to-video animated sequel to Aladdin (1992).