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Julia Delbel

‘Jojo Rabbit’ Review

I believe this is a first here on The DisInsider: a review of a FOX film. And not just any FOX film, a dark, satirical look at Nazism during World War II. Not exactly the kind of kid-friendly material we’re used to dealing with around here. Except kids SHOULD see Jojo Rabbit. Maybe not really young ones since it is a PG-13 movie complete with war violence, mature themes, and one perfectly-placed f-bomb, but this movie is a must-see for those in the pre-teen age range of the titular character. Because whether people want to brand this film as a comedy with dramatic scenes, a drama with comedic scenes, or as the “anti-hate satire” the movie’s marketing has been referring to it as, it is, above all, a coming of age story, and one that is much-needed in the current political climate.

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